Painted Pots & Inspiring Ideas for Repurposing Old Things

I love to add colour to lots of different household things.

From terracotta pots to old wooden table tops, I am inspired to refresh and brighten them with my paints. I am always keeping an eye out for things to paint. Sometimes I buy things at op shops or grab something from a hard rubbish collection.

What do you need?

Terracotta pots, old jugs, wooden blanks, acrylic paint, acrylic house paint, paint brushes of various sizes, paint pens (posca pens), clear varnish or spray and pot of water. Acrylic paint is great to use because it is fast drying and easy to wash out of the brushes with water. For outdoor pots I use exterior paint or acrylic paint with an outdoor varnish to seal.

I get my supplies from $2 shops, discount stores, Spotlight and all sorts of places. You can buy blank wooden shapes and things at Bunnings.

Ideas for painting

  • Names
  • Hearts
  • Flowers
  • Patterns
  • Words
  • Abstract shapes
  • Christmas, Easter, Halloween theme
  • Doodles
  • Wedding favours (hearts, love, wedding date)

Step by step

First step – I clean the surface and sometimes I coat with white paint to give an even finish and so I can see the pencil lines. If they are dark coloured, it is harder to see pencil lines though you could use a white pencil.

Second step – I draw my design on with pencil, using an eraser to remove excess pencil marks.

Third step – I use acrylic paint and acrylic paint markers to paint the design and let dry in between. I use little jars and containers to prop them on while they are drying. I like to paint a design on both sides, even if it is just patterns on the back. Generally it will need at least two coats to give a nice solid colour.

Fourth step – I like to let the paint dry well for a day or two before proceeding to varnish. When I am happy with my design, I use clear varnish to coat. I do at least two coats (waiting at least two hours between each coat) and make sure there are no big drips or runs. For outdoor things I use exterior house paint or acrylic paint with an outdoor varnish to seal. For a spray varnish I would do at least 5 coats as they are quite fine.

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